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Lomond Clinic is run by Terry O’Neill, SMTO, DRSM and is based within her home in Cawdor Crescent, Dunblane FK15 9JJ.  It is mainly a sports and remedial clinic but also practices complementary therapies including reflexology and therapeutic massage. Lomond Clinic also offers massage for pregnant ladies. Terry is qualified to work on clients who are living with cancer or you have had cancer.

Lomond Clinic ensures all clients receive the appropriate treatments for their needs following an in-depth consultation using approved industry guidelines.  CNHC Accredited Registration – Government Regulatory Body for complementary therapies.

Please call 07505 111 568 or email:oneillterry90@yahoo.co.uk

 Please give 24hr cancellation notice as there usually is a client waiting list

What type of treatment do you need?


If you suffer from chronic neck and shoulder pain, constant headaches or migraine, tight sore muscles, fibromyalgia, RSI, chronic low back pain then Remedial Massage is for you.

If you are a sportsperson and train several times a week a regular Sports Massage will help relieve those tired overworked muscles and help get rid of cellular wastes that build up.

If you suffer from stress or anxiety in your life a Deep Tissue/Therapeutic Massage will be good for you as it will bring about a great sense of relaxation and peace in mind and body.

First appointment is usually 1hour +15 mins as body assessment and consultation have to be carried out before  treatment begins. Please phone 07505111568 or email oneillterry90@yahoo.co.uk for appointment.

Treatments are priced at
£45.00 per hour for first consultation, assessment & treatment and thereafter £40 per hour

Clinic address: ‘Coniston’, Cawdor Crescent Dunblane FK15 9JJ

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