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About wc_2096

Hi peeps - I have been in the massage profession for more than 16 years and over that time I have ‘evolved’ my bodywork. Treatments now are more physical therapy than massage and can be uncomfortable at times, although I will always work within the clients discomfort threshold. My aim is to get to the root cause of any problem and address it. I will also very quickly refer on if the problem is outwith my skills. My expertise is with soft tissue and if there are any skeletal problems, I will refer quickly to that specialist. I am passionate about anatomy and the way the body moves and continue to expand my knowledge of bodywork as I know there is so much more to learn. A lifetime of studying will still not be enough.

Xmas and New Year Holidays

Clinic will be closed on from 23rd December – 28th December 2019.

Closed again on 29th December – 4th January 2020.


I would like to wish all my clients a very merry, healthy and happy Xmas and New Year. xx