Muscle of the Month – Gluteus maximus

Gluteus maximus – my clients will tell you how much I go on about this one!!!!

Most of us have day jobs where we sit for up to 7/8 hrs a day.  We drive to work and drive back home.  As we already know – all this sitting shortens the psoas (hip flexor muscle) but it also weakens the glutes.

What happens with all this sitting is the glutes (especially glute max) gets lazy. Glute med (hip stabiliser) starts to work more than the glute max (extensor) and the result of this is tight hips, lumbar erectors and hamstrings working too hard.  Getting the glute max firing 100% resolves all these issues.

Easy peasy way to waken up your glutes every single day – before you get yourself out of a sitting position – squeeze your glutes as tight as you can so that you feel yourself getting lifted off chair – put some pressure on your heels into the floor and rise up from your sitting position.  This might be very difficult at first but keep at it and your glute max will stay wide awake!!  DON’T compensate by using your hands – I can see you – cheers.