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Whether you are a sportsperson or not, massage can help with a great number of ailments and conditions.  Terry will refer on quickly to other health professionals if required.  She believes in getting to the root cause of problems and getting clients ‘sorted’ as quickly as possible.  She has a network of highly qualified health professionals if clients require more than remedial massage therapy.

Remedial Massage (Advanced)

Using a number of Muscle Energy Techniques as well as Neuro muscular Techniques – remedial massage works not just for the overused/injured site but for the whole body and because it works at a deeper level than a relaxing massage, its effects usually last longer. Remedial massage also helps prevent injuries as well as helping heal them. Both muscular and skeletal problems can be helped through remedial massage.

Sports Massage

The primary aim of a sports massage is to take away the stress and tension that has built up in the soft tissue during physical sporting activities so alleviating the possible occurrence of minor injuries. Sports massage has both a physiological effect as well as a psychological effect on the body. Physiologically a sports massage can reduce pain and tension and release the body’s own endorphins to bring about a sense of well being. Psychologically a sports massage can bring about a sense of reduced anxiety and bring about a sense of focus of what’s about to happen in the sports field. Different types of sports massage can achieve different goals. Whether it’s a pre event massage to invigorate the body or a post event massage to relax the body afterwards and bring about a state of balance back to the body and mind. You do not need to be a sports person to appreciate the benefits of a sports massage – anyone who is active can reap the benefits.

Lomond Clinic has had experience working on First Team of top professional football club.

Deep Tissue/Therapeutic Massage

This massage is very holistic in that it is deep, remedial and also very relaxing. It brings about a real sense of peace and tranquility to the whole person and at the same time the understanding that their body is being ‘fixed’ as they relax.


Reflexology is a holistic treatment. It is based on the principle that there are areas and points on the feet and hands which correspond to parts of the body. Reflexology is non-intrusive and very relaxing. The aim of Reflexology is to bring back balance to all systems of the body (homeostatis).

Massage for people living with cancer or who have had cancer

A very gentle massage using techniques approved by the I.R.I.S. Charity who specialise in massage for cancer patients. This massage takes into account the treatment the client has had for cancer or is still receiving – viz surgery, chemotherapy or radiotherapy and is only carried out with the client’s medical professional’s approval.

Clinic address:  Coniston, Cawdor Crescent, Dunblane FK15 9JJ.